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About Me

My Raw Feeding Journey

My name is Shay and I am the proud parent of two retired racing greyhounds that I adopted in 2010.  My big brindle boy, Conn, had problems eating the diet that was directed by the rescue group.  While it was a high-quality grain-free kibble it severely upset his stomach and made him miserable.  I was desperate to find a solution and was introduced to this amazing raw feeding world.  After transitioning to raw he never again experienced another issue and he thrived. 

I was so very lucky to have a raw feeding source (SF RAW) in the area where I live but I would often have difficulty sourcing organ meats.  This difficulty lead me to create Spectacular Offal Raw Organ Blends for my own dogs.


The raw feeding world inspired me to begin raising animals myself that I could feed my pets.  I raise organic rabbit and organic quail for prey model raw feeders and eggs under the name Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit and my customers are all around the San Francisco Bay Area.  


My dogs inspired a new treat for me to share with you.  They would sneakily steal the raw rabbit hides I was processing when my back was turned and I would watch how much they loved gnawing, tugging and chewing them.  Knowing the benefits of fur for gut health in a raw fed pet's diet and for the natural teeth cleaning properties I began experimenting with dehydrating the hides and Treat like a Wolf was born.

I proudly support animal charities. 

I am currently a foster mom raising orphaned kittens for the Peninsula Humane Society and used to volunteer in their Wildlife center caring for and fostering injured and orphaned wildlife.   I financially support Takis Shelter in Greece. 

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