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  • How do I feed SPECTACULAR OFFAL?
    Spectacular Offal raw freeze dried organ blends should be measured by weight and added to your pet's bowl along with their regular meal. It is very easy to break off the amount needed. Either feed dry or reconstitute with an equal amount of warm water. 1 ounce of SPECTACULAR OFFAL is equal to 4 ounces of raw organ meat. Use our calculator for more information.
  • Can I feed this to both cats and dogs?
    Absolutely! Not only cats and dogs, but ferrets also love Spectacular Offal!
  • How long does Spectacular Offal stay fresh?
    Spectacular Offal is a preservative free dry product that if kept sealed in its package should last 30 days without refrigeration to maintain optimal freshness.
  • What is the difference in the Spectacular Offal blends and the Treats?
    Spectacular Offal base blends are a 50% 50% blend of kidney and spleen. Spectacular Offal base blends plus liver are 50% liver, 25% kidney and 25% spleen. The Beef and Organic Lamb Treats are equal blend of liver, kidney and spleen.
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